Having a Baby 12: Week Scan relief!

So, when you find out you are going to be a Dad, the feeling is incredible. Then worry kicks in and you fear everything that will go wrong will go wrong. We found out we were pregnant a few days before Christmas which meant we spent Christmas with mixed emotions of delight and terror.

Throughout January we thought things were not going well. We had two early pregnancy scans that showed everything was good and that we were further along than we thought.

At the start of February we had our 12 week scan. I was relatively relaxed about it following the previous two scans but C was petrified. It felt like I had been dealing with C’s stress more than mine in the lead up to the scan but then that should be my role, she has to do all the hard work.

The 12 week scan is a beautiful experience. I was in awe and shock (good shock) at what I was seeing on screen. I saw a baby like image (I mean, they still look kinda weird at 12 weeks) that was dancing, somersaulting and flipping around on screen. Typically, this one decided that it (we haven’t got a nickname for the baby, so we call it “It” or “Baby” – I know it is incredibly imaginative) was going to flip the wrong way around for the extra tests we were going to have (the one for Downs and other syndromes – more on that another time). The scanner (I don’t know their official title) had to wiggle, quite ferociously, C’s belly but it merely continued to display what I hope to one day be the skills of a future British Olympic Gold Medalist. After walking around for 20 minutes we went back in, finished the scan as the baby was now sitting in the correct position and we got the photos. We already had two lots from the previous scans but in this one it is the first time you truly get to see a little human in there.

And that was the 12 week scan milestone. Miscarriage is now only a 1% (or less chance) but that is still big enough for me to worry, although it will not play on my mind much now. Now we will enjoy what the next six months bring as we get this house and ourselves ready for the big day.

P.S at the time of writing this we have just hit 14 weeks and C thinks she can feel the firsts flutters of movement. More on this soon.


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