Hearing the Baby’s heartbeat



A few weeks back C and I had the 16 week Midwife appointment. Despite seeing the baby at 12 weeks with a strong heartbeat it was a scary wait for this appointment. We had not heard the heartbeat and were not sure what to expect. Our main concern was the baby and hearing a healthy heartbeat was all we wanted.

What followed was an emotional reaction (especially by C who cried with joy) and my stunned silence in listening to a sound that was both beautiful and eerie. Hearing your baby’s heartbeat when it is still inside of your partner is memorising (as well as hearing her digesting breakfast).

I will never forget that day. I can replay it in my mind and my only regret is not recording the sound of the heartbeat. I was so in the moment that all other thoughts went out of my mind. Did any of you manage to get a recording?

We are at week 18 now and we have the anomaly scan in 20 weeks when we will also find out the Sex. I will have a post about our decision on finding out fairly soon!


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