Halfway stage? 20 Weeks Pregnant

We are nearing the halfway mark of the pregnancy and are almost 20 weeks pregnant. So, we are 19 weeks and half pregnant at the moment and C is getting pretty round. Yes round, I am sure that is an acceptable way of putting it. Thinking about it, the baby could be here in 18 weeks and be 100% healthy. We are due towards the end of August so once we hit the 20 week mark on Friday it all of the sudden feels a lot closer.

Most of the feelings of nausea have passed but that has been replaced by heartburn and indigestion. I think C would rather feel the latter if I am being honest.

We have the 20 week scan on the 10th of April and all we are hoping for is a healthy baby. Then, hopefully, once that is confirmed, we will be able to find out the sex of the baby. Yes, I will reveal the gender in someway next week.

At this stage in the pregnancy I am just trying to read up on some parenting books aimed at Dads rather than the generic books. I have got a new job that will give us financial freedom (or just about) and we are busy preparing the house by getting works done, such a new boiler (which isn’t cheap!).

Apart from that, there isn’t much more I can do apart from supporting C which I think I am doing! C can be the judge of that.


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