20 Week baby scan – what’s involved?

20 Week Baby Scan

So, we had the 20 week baby scan on April 10 2017. There was a lot of excitement on my part for this scan, and only a bit of apprehension. I can safely say it was the opposite for C, but that soon past. Everything was good regarding the scan and our baby is growing exactly as it should be. I want to talk about the scan in a bit more detail as they do a lot of different checks and it can be a little unsettling looking at this on screen waiting for them to say everything is alright.

I am hoping that if I can give you just a small insight into what happens during this scan, it might make you feel that little bit calmer, especially as at this point you still may not have felt the baby move in your partner’s belly (we have luckily, expect a post soon!!!).

Let me know below how your scan want and what you are expecting. Keep reading below to find our what C and I are expecting (and feel free to leave any guesses before looking).

So, what does the 20 week scan involve? 

It involves a lot of scanning. Now, that sounds obvious but they literally scan every organ and all the important bones of the baby. They concentrated on the heart, ensuring all its chambers were there and spent some time admiring the brain too. One funny note from the scan was seeing the baby hiccup and seeing the heart area contract as it was hiccuping. At this point I was in pure amazement watching the screen and looking at our baby.

They move through all the vital organs contained within the body, letting us know that each one looks fine as they checked over them. They also looked at the spine for some time, making sure it was developing as expected and ensuring all the disks were in the proper place. These were all good and I felt relaxed once this had finished.

We saw the Femur (thigh bone) in a lot of detail, it really is amazing how detailed the scanning progress is.

So, in short, our baby has to legs and feet, two arms and hands and on top of that it has everything else that is needed. One part of the scan that was incredibly special (aside from finding out gender) was seeing the face of our baby. We were surprised by the amount of detail that we saw of our little baby’s face. It had a pout already with big lips (I have the big lips whereas C has the smaller lips), a small nose and closed eyes. We could clearly see the face as though it was a 4D scan (which we don’t want to have as we want some sort of surprise when the baby is here).

How long does the scan take?

The scan was booked for a 20 minute slot and I think it took all of this time to carry out all the detailed checks. Fortunately this time we did not need to wait around for ages for the baby to get in the correct position.

Waiting for the 20 Week Baby Scan

However, we did have to wait for 30 mins beyond our appointment time, sat in the waiting room, as they were running late – despite it being the quietest I have seen it before. That seems to be the NHS way though (we are in the UK).


We got to the end of the scan and we had not found out the gender nor had we even discussed finding it out with our Sonographer. So, I asked if we could find out the sex and she was more than happy to look for us.

She said the reason she had not mentioned it is that they now wait to be asked rather than ruining the surprise. This is where she told us that she had a entire day of scanning where every expectant parent wanted to find out the sex apart from one expectant couple. She told them the sex just because she was in the swing of telling people that day which is understandable, except on the part of the couple she told.

So, the story here is if you do not want to find out the sex of your baby state this upfront as soon as you get into the scanning room. If you do want to find out the sex of the baby, then make sure you ask!

So, what are we having you say?

GENDER REVEAL? We are having a BOY! 


WE ARE HAVING A BOY and we are both delighted! We did not care what we were having so long as our baby was healthy and growing strong. We cannot wait for our Boy to be here in August!

Check back soon to see how to reveal the Gender of your baby to your family!



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